Individual retirement answers

Alec Derderian

Alec has spent over 8 years in the financial industry working inside of banks and different investment companies. After spending 5 years at a corporate bank he decided to venture out on his own to build his own company. Being an expert in different fields of the financial industry Alec specializes in planning a safe and secure retirement. Alec has also studied and been approved to teach federal employee benefits which he does all around the country. Working hand and hand with the Federation Of Federal Employee Benefit Advocacy he is able to offer educational seminars and one on one planning sessions with members of the federal government. Alec also offers Social Security seminars which focus on maximizing someones Social Security benefit over their lifetime. Alec continues to study and grow his business by adding different areas around the country. 

Suzanne Poitras

Sole practitioner with 26 yrs experience, Suzanne focuses on estate planning, elder care law, estate administration, family law and probate matters. As a crucial member of the Individual Retirement Answers, Suzanne focuses on providing our clients with their legal and estate needs while planning for retirement. As part of our team, Suzanne is able to guide our clients to protecting their assets and to help wealth transfer.